Once upon a time, way back in the late ´80´s in Ekenäs, there was a bunch of guys with motorbikes who put their things together. So they got a clubhouse in Tenala, a few miles out of Ekenäs. Around 1990 they moved to the center of Ekenäs. In 1991, Niko, one of the members, came up with the fabulous name and Hogfellows mc was born. That’s how it started.

The Hog was drawn by Frettä, a very good friend! Sure looks like a hog, doesn´t it?

There have been a lot of ups and downs throughout the years, but the members of Hogfellows mc have always been proud of their club and have held the flag high!

A history book could easily be written of what have happened since…

In 2011 Hogfellows mc turnd 20 years, not bad, uh…?

In 2012 we finally got our own clubhouse! Our own walls around us. That was that. Okey, also a roof and a floor... However, with a "little" work it became quite nice.

Opening party was held in March 2013. Nice party, thanks to all visitors!

You are of course welcome to visit whenever you are in Ekenäs. Just let us know and we gladly meet you!